Social media divided over Cafe Flo's alleged discrimination against motorbiker

Updated 04 Aug, 2016 12:20pm

Images Staff

Was Cafe Flo justified in its decision to bar the entry of customer on suspicions of a security threat?

A controversy erupted on social media last night as a man named Waqar Siddiqui accused a fine dining restaurant in Karachi, Cafe Flo for barring his entry because he arrived on the premises on a motorbike.

In a Facebook post last night, Siddiqui claimed that he was not allowed inside the restaurant because "[he] came on [a] bike."

"You are now judged on your ride," he claimed.

Cafe Flo responded a few hours later with an explanation, citing "security issues" as the real reason behind Waqar's barred entry.

"Considering the fact that we unfortunately live in a city that is prone to violence, attacks and terrorism one cannot be too careful in the name of security for our customers," read their statement.

Given the absence of CCTV footage, the alleged case of discrimination has become a 'he-said-she-said' case. Social media is understandably divided on the matter.

Some weren't convinced by Cafe Flo's explanation:

However, some Flo regulars claim that they've never encountered discirimination when they've used public transport:

Others believe that Flo had the right to reserve admission:

Some insist that CCTV footage alone can allow us to get to the bottom of the matter: