Sindh's new sports minister has some serious swag and wants you to know

Sindh's new sports minister has some serious swag and wants you to know

Welcome to THE MINISTRY OF SWAG! So much designer wear, can't handle!
Updated 10 Aug, 2016

Move over Sharmila Faruqui.

There's a new kid on the block — er, podium — with so much swag in hand he'll make your designer outfits look passé.

Introducing 28-year-old father of two Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar, who was inducted into Sindh's cabinet as the province's Minister for Sports just a couple of days ago.

Well, we don't know how much he likes sports, but he definitely fronts like he's a playa. Yeah.

In case you thought our politicians were slowly letting go of their entourages and high-priced designer wear, well, Sardar Mahar is here to prove you wrong.

Here's why he caught our attention.

Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar's love for hats rivals Indian PM Narendra Modi's headgear obsession.

He rocks everything from a pagri... a fedora!

It's true. And this love for hats started when he was a wee child.

His hat collection truly is diverse. Hat's off to you, sir.

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He has a squad, and the bromance looks serious.

Like, pretty serious.

We're just going to leave these photos here.

The squad says: "On Tuesdays we wear waistcoats and sit on thrones."

Unfortunately, his squad contains no women. Like, none. Ever.

Yup, no girls allowed:

His motto may as well be 'ride or die.' He loves his car.

Correction: he loves his CARS. And bikes. Anything with wheels really.

He also has a giant sword.

Hey, what are you sniggering at?

He has a fan following like a true boss.

Some people love him:

Some people hate him:

His style is totally on-point - just check out his collection of three-piece suits.

Yeah, so ministerial. And in Prisma!

Here he is rocking an indigo suit:

Also: designer shirts.

The boy's got swag even in his pyjamas.

Like a true Pakistani pol, he loves gettin' shady. We mean with sunglasses, of course.

Even his sports gear is top-notch:

All Nike and Adidas, mind you. Nothing less than the best for Sardar.

So good, he went around Paris in it. You're killin' the athleisure trend, Sardar!

The Sardar of Swag knows he needs to keep fit to be a boss, so lots of gym pictures, people.

But with so much chillin' like a boss, does he actually get any work done?

Maybe when you got this much swag... it doesn't matter?