Baby Shark is back and it wants you to wash your hands

Baby Shark is back and it wants you to wash your hands

The viral song got an upgrade for the coronavirus pandemic and will make sure you know how to stay safe
Updated 29 Mar, 2020

Remember Baby Shark? Or rather, remember trying to forget Baby Shark?

Well, it's back... but for good reason!

The viral children's song that got stuck in every human being's head for months - so much so that it cracked the Billboard 100 - is back with an upgraded version that works for the coronavirus pandemic.

We're sorry for what's about to happen.

Yes... yes it's back in your head. Yes, it will be there... for a while. But hey! At least you'll remember to wash your hands - doo doo doo doo doo.

This is one of the many revamped songs recorded to help with Covid-19. Previously a Vietnamese song was released - known to be the first song out to raise awareness on the virus - while our very own DC Hafizabad Naveed Shahzad Mirza created a rendition of Chalte Chalte's 'Suno na Suno na'. An exception to the rule is DJ Bravo who created an original track 'We are not giving up.'

Considering the viral sensation that this song was, maybe it's okay for us to bear it for a while if it helps let children know the importance of washing their hands and how long it should take them to do so.