07 Mar, 2020

There is a feeling in the air, and a time for change.

The Aurat Azadi March is just around the corner, slated to take place all on International Women's Day on Sunday, March 8.

But as women all over the country prepare to march the streets and call attention to oppressive gendered structures, many misogynistic men take to their keyboards only to express displeasure at being 'marginalised' because of... offensive placards, bright lipsticks and a whole lot of anti-patriarchy sentiments.

Yet, the Aurat Azadi March is more than what it appears to be — it's a way to mobilise around issues that impact men, women and children, for generations.

Fortunately, under the hashtag #WhyIMarch, these ladies on Twitter understand too well why it's important to march, and would rather critically engage with its detractors than have a knee-jerk reaction.

For starters, let's make one thing clear

And while there are many reasons to march...

If we can't even easily hail a cab in this country — or go out on the street

Then how can we begin to tackle problems like child sexualisation and abuse?

...even the kind sanctioned by families themselves

And if that's not reason enough to march, consider this...

And if we ever report harassment...there's more waiting

But men always seem to get a 'free pass'

Especially, when it entails stepping on our toes

Until we decided to say 'NO'

And take control of our own narrative

But the fact of the matter is...

You don't believe us?


aslam khan Mar 07, 2020 01:59pm
Its purely a tax driven agenda by private central bankers who control our money supply now. More individuals we can register as a tax payer more deficit funding the banks will issue to run our government. Each tax payer will will be used as collateral and a their value will be set by their productive and tax paying value. Increase prices so we can graduate from single family earner to double member due to inflation. Ultimately break up the family unit and create more single tax paying slaves for the central bankers.
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Cris Dan Mar 07, 2020 02:04pm
Overall, a gloomy situation for those women in Pakistan who do not wish a life if cow or sheep, bowing and surrendering continuously to their men fathers,brothers,cousins as well as men in the street. The most brutal part of the reality is that these women are considered respectable only when they stay quiet and tolerate to all male chauvinism without uttering a word. It is not fair. It is not really fair.
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Khawar Mar 07, 2020 02:46pm
People are against the march not because they are side with the social ills mentioned in the tweets above. They are against what has been witnessed in the past, what will it lead to, mostly the tone of the slogan itself. As for child molestation cases, which most tweets mention, they are not restricted to girls. Sites with statistical data document that for every 4-5 cases of girl molestation there is a case where boys witness the same. And this happens to girls and boys all over the world, even in the most liberal countries. There too, very few cases are reported despite all the freedom of expression. I, and I think the majority, knows that this kind of march is not the answer to anything. Energies should be spent against social ills but this is not the way. I believe that most of my sisters are being tricked into believing this will achieve something. Conversely, some men and women have ill intentions hiding their true face with narratives masquerading their true objectives.
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Tzaman Mar 07, 2020 02:56pm
Great. Go ahead. All new generation Pakistanis male or female are with the Aurat March. Forget about all the negatives raised by the holies or rightist political parties or culturally expired groups. Momentum should not be lost. Later don't vote for these negatives. Socially ostracize them.
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Gaurav Mar 07, 2020 03:02pm
Good work. All the best from india. In fact we promote these type of rallies in schools and colleges. I don't know why people are upset in pakistan.
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Ibrahim S Mar 07, 2020 05:31pm
There is a big difference between listening and hearing. There is a years of wax clogging men’s ears, they first need to unclog their ears.
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M. Siddique Mar 07, 2020 06:07pm
It is women's right to march for whatever reason. If someone does not like they can pound sand.
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tariq Mar 07, 2020 07:16pm
So mera Jism Meri Marzi may also mean if a boy doesn't want to be circumcised he should have the same right. Correct?
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Marquis de Sade Mar 07, 2020 07:45pm
Maulawis can hold cities to ransom by blocking highways for days on end. And women have to justify their march? On International Women's Day? Doesn't the Constitution of Pakistan promise/guarantee equality/uniformity?
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Blue Knight Mar 07, 2020 07:51pm
They need the whole hearted support from the society..
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Chakay pay chaka Mar 07, 2020 10:11pm
#WhyIMarch Go Girls Go. We need a revolution to change the mindset of our people & this could be the start. I am a Father, a Brother, a Friend but above all, a human being & with you all the way.
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Robby Mar 08, 2020 01:23am
I march too after reading n understanding this concept.. earlier I was misinformed
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Right Voice Mar 08, 2020 02:19am
Great. More power to you ladies. May your tribe grow.
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Habib ur Rehman Mar 08, 2020 02:26am
I am glad to see this social revolution. Women are asking for rights conferred to them 1500 years ago by Islam but usurped by men and religious leaders who have deeply ingrained misogynistic attitudes. Women must do one thing: Persevere and stay resolved in the face of strong opposition. Not revolution succeeds without it. Mullah is fighting because he knows his hegemony is about to end. He is fighting a losing battle. Wish you GOOD LUCK and SUCCESS.
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Nasim Gill Mar 08, 2020 06:14am
Bravo, I am with the oppressed women of Pakistan. My sisters suffered when growing up in they are happily settled in America. This Khalil guy needs a kick in his teeth. He is misleading the already jahil men. Keep marching Pakistani sisters, moms and daughters!!
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Taj Mar 08, 2020 07:33am
Aurat march is a must
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Anonymouseee Mar 08, 2020 10:43am
Please don’t block any roads. We men have to go to work to feed our families.
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Sara Mar 08, 2020 11:09am
That part of the world women have no respect. It is always a women's fault if she is touched. Shame to those countries that treat girls/women as their possessions.
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Pawan Mar 08, 2020 04:31pm
Can't a few determined and brave Pakistmtani men get together and start a movement to get their fellow muslim men on track towards civilization- respecting their girls & women as equal citizens?
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Laila Mar 09, 2020 08:32am
@Nasim Gill thumbs up. Great comment!
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Laila Mar 09, 2020 08:39am
@Habib ur Rehman yes yes yes. The irony is KRQ does not actually know Islam because everything he says is against Islam, which can be proven easily. I listened to many of his interviews and was in surprised he didn't know basics yet he thinks he can speak for us a Muslim society. He just makes up things, statistics, claims, which have no basis in reality. It sure is easy to misguide the already largely illiterate society, even the educated illiterates. Nobody seems interested in reality or the facts. It's misogyny. Deeply ingrained.
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AJ Mar 09, 2020 09:06am
Don't understand the need to 'explain their choices' if these women are so convinced of their stance. Maybe, the problem is that feminism and aurat march is nothing more than a male-bashing platform now.
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