07 Mar, 2020

There is a feeling in the air, and a time for change.

The Aurat Azadi March is just around the corner, slated to take place all on International Women's Day on Sunday, March 8.

But as women all over the country prepare to march the streets and call attention to oppressive gendered structures, many misogynistic men take to their keyboards only to express displeasure at being 'marginalised' because of... offensive placards, bright lipsticks and a whole lot of anti-patriarchy sentiments.

Yet, the Aurat Azadi March is more than what it appears to be — it's a way to mobilise around issues that impact men, women and children, for generations.

Fortunately, under the hashtag #WhyIMarch, these ladies on Twitter understand too well why it's important to march, and would rather critically engage with its detractors than have a knee-jerk reaction.

For starters, let's make one thing clear

And while there are many reasons to march...

If we can't even easily hail a cab in this country — or go out on the street

Then how can we begin to tackle problems like child sexualisation and abuse?

...even the kind sanctioned by families themselves

And if that's not reason enough to march, consider this...

And if we ever report harassment...there's more waiting

But men always seem to get a 'free pass'

Especially, when it entails stepping on our toes

Until we decided to say 'NO'

And take control of our own narrative

But the fact of the matter is...

You don't believe us?