Hina Jilani shuts down Aurat March naysayers in the best possible way

Hina Jilani shuts down Aurat March naysayers in the best possible way

About the LHC petition calling for its ban, she said, "These are just dirty minds that find obscenity in everything."
Updated 29 Feb, 2020

A petition was filed in Lahore High Court against the Aurat March earlier this week.

Senior lawyer and rights activist, Hina Jilani made an appearance outside the courtroom, in defence of the march as the Chief justice resumed proceedings in a court mostly filled with women lawyers and the activists.

She addressed the petition and had the best response that should really resonate with everyone.

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Said Jilani, "We are the people of this country. Many different generations participate in this rally, they express their wishes and aspirations on display, using their freedom of expression, be it through placards or slogans".

"With me, there are many millenials in this rally. And we will not tolerate this [suppression of freedom of expression]."

She also objected to the language used in the application against the march, which stated the movement had a "hidden agenda" to spread "vulgarity and hatred". The advocate explained that it was an attempt to malign rights activists striving for social and legal rights of women and the trans community in the country.

"As far as decency is concerned, we know more about decency than these petitioners. We learn it from our parents, these people will not tell us about our values; we know what our social values are. These are just dirty mindsets that seek out obscenity in everything."

"These young folks have permission to say their piece. These women are valuable to this country."

And there you have it! It really isn't that difficult to understand. Lahore High Court Chief Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh on Thursday observed that restrictions could not be put on freedom of expression in any vague manner.