Lahooti Melo 2020 postponed due to harsh weather

Lahooti Melo 2020 postponed due to harsh weather

This year's festival theme was Climate Action - Eco not Ego.
13 Jan, 2020

This year's Lahooti Melo has been postponed due to harsh weather conditions in Jamshoro.

Speaking to Images, co-organiser Sana A Khoja shared, "It is very unfortunate to share that we are currently experiencing unforeseen affects of climate change in form of a very harsh winter in Jamshoro."

Lahooti Melo 2020 was set to happen this weekend from January 17-19 at Mehran University in Jamshoro. The theme of this year's event was Climate Action - Eco not Ego. The aim was to challenge, inform, and engage audiences in conversation about environment and climate change through numerous power talks, panel discussions, workshops, screenings and performances.

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Khoja revealed that it has been "3-4 degrees in the morning, which goes down to below 2° during night, with heavy dusty winds at the site of venue (Mehran University). There is a rain prediction, after which temperature is predicted to go down further with severe cold expected during the festival days."

She added, "Even though our team was fully prepared to begin the festival on scheduled dates, it's getting extremely tough for the labourers to carry out their tasks. We feel that we shouldn't risk the health and well-being of our workers, speakers and attendees, especially those travelling from Tharparkar and other sides of Sindh in such fog and cold. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the festival."

Co-founder Saif Samejo also confirmed the news via Instagram:

The new dates for the festival are February 14-16.


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