28 Oct, 2019

The most beloved cat and mouse from our childhoods is coming to the big screen.

Tom and Jerry is getting a live action flick which is slated for release right in time for the holidays next year on December 23, 2020.

The upcoming flick will star Chloe Grace Moretz, Michael Pena, Ken Jeong, Rob Delaney, Jordan Bolger and Pallavi Sharda, with Tim Story donning the director's hat.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the new film sees Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse getting kicked out of their home and moving to a swanky New York hotel, where a scrappy employee named Kayla (Moretz) will lose her job if she can't evict Jerry before a high-profile wedding at the hotel.

Her solution? Hiring piano-playing Tom to get rid of the pesky mouse.

The cat and mouse story was initially slated for release on April 16, 2021 but Warner Bros. said that it will fill that slot with a yet-to-be titled “event” film.


M.S Oct 28, 2019 01:20pm
Sameer Oct 28, 2019 01:41pm
Stay away from Tom and Jerry!!!! Hollywood will ruin this classic.
AaDi Oct 28, 2019 02:04pm
Don't do it please
Queen Oct 28, 2019 02:08pm
Oh no, now the beloved cartoon of my childhood will get ruined.
isha Oct 28, 2019 03:40pm
NO just NO someone tell Hollywood to hire some new script writers
JustWasif Oct 29, 2019 01:05am
I am 45, I can't wait....please come soon