You can't judge Kaaf Kangana solely by its trailer, says Ayesha Omar

You can't judge Kaaf Kangana solely by its trailer, says Ayesha Omar

The actor isn't worried about the initial public response to the trailer and is confident the film will do well.
15 Oct, 2019

Kaaf Kangana cast member Ayesha Omar opened up about the initial public reaction to the upcoming movie’s trailer, especially its cringe-worthy and clearly forced dialogues.

In case you forgot.

But Ayesha isn't worried at all, as she told Images.

"I hear there’s trolling going on on social media… look, everybody has the right to express their own opinion. Personally, I feel that you can't judge a movie based [solely] on the trailer,” said Ayesha. “There have been many movies that had amazing trailers and then when you go to watch the film, you are deeply disappointed, and you’re like, ‘What was that? This was a scam.’”

“Maybe this [trailer] is a scam too. Maybe the trailer is not giving away the movie at all, maybe this film is going to be amazing, so I think we should wait until the movie comes out.”

Ayesha added that she’s “very excited” that Kaaf Kangana, in which she plays a young Punjabi girl named Gulnaz, is releasing on Oct 25 in cinemas all over Pakistan.

“[Gulnaz is] very loud, bold, brave and unafraid. She’s not scared of anybody. She says what she’s thinking, whatever comes into her mind. She’s not afraid to express her love or dislike.”

“The man she loves falls for someone else, and even though her heart breaks, she doesn’t give up. She believes whatever she wants, she will get — although there is someone else who wants her very much too.”

“So there is this square, and what happens and who ends up with whom — yeh to film mein pata chalega (this will be revealed in the film).”


isha Oct 15, 2019 05:44pm
this is just absurd media people need to stop thinking that audience who now has access to content from all over the world is incapable of telling how bad this movie is
Apache Oct 15, 2019 07:50pm
Trailer has explained how the movie is going to be, so yeah I will pass and so will many others as I did not see a single person who liked it