Ayesha Omar talks about her role in Kaaf Kangana

Ayesha Omar talks about her role in Kaaf Kangana

She says the film features not a love triangle but a love square!
Updated 17 Nov, 2018

Ayesha Omar has been busy shooting for her next project Kaaf Kangana and revealed to Images that the film features not a love triangle, but a love square!

The romance film, helmed and written by Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, features Ayesha in one of the lead roles.

Talking about her character Gulnaz, she said that she's a young woman who lives in a haveli with her Dada and sister in the walled city of Lahore.

"She's a very feisty, super-confident Punjabi girl who's not afraid of anyone. She's straightforward and moonphaat," Ayesha added.

In Kaaf Kangana, Gulnaz falls in love with her neighbour, who's played by Sami Khan. The story is a square, says Ayesha, because "while I'm in love with Sami Khan, he's in love with someone else and someone else is in love with me!"

Sound complicated? Ayesha reveals that Kaaf Kangana's story has two tracks, one of which is led by her and the other by Sami.

Talking about her experience of working with Khalil, she said, "Working with Khalil sahab has been a great experience. He is full of knowledge and expertise and there's lots to learn from him and he has no problems learning from others as well.

"We were on the same page, and because I used to pick up from his direction and guidance, he used to call me 'cheeti' after every scene. It felt very good to be able to have that dynamic.

"I heard a lot of things about him, that he gets angry a lot, for instance, but I feel he's not an unreasonable man and only gets angry when things aren't organised, which is totally valid."

Kaaf Kangana will release in 2019.


Ayesha Khan Nov 17, 2018 01:57pm
Ayesha Omar is a very talented actor, she has played many vibrant roles. This new one must be an impressive one too. Keep it up Ayesha!