Hasan Minhaj denied entry to Modi's Texas rally

Updated 24 Sep, 2019 02:42pm

Images Staff

Event producers cite lack of press credentials and space, despite evidence to the contrary.

Indian-American comedian Hasan Minhaj was refused entry to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rally held at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on Sunday.

The event producers cite lack of credentials and lack of space for broadcast crews in the venue, despite evidence to the contrary.

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Videos posted on the Instagram account of Adam Matthew Weiss, president and CEO of AMWPR, which handled the event, showed Minhaj being told there were no press credentials available for him and his crew, and that there was no space for him to bring his camera crew into the venue.

Subsequent videos on the Weiss' Instagram story showed otherwise, with other media crews present in the press pool area with ample space.

Neither Minhaj, Weiss or AMWPR have responded to the incident yet.

Journalist Maria Kari added that she was also refused media credentials, preventing her from attending the rally.

There is speculation that Minhaj was denied entry due to his past criticism of the Indian Prime Minister, US President Donald Trump and expression of support for Kashmir on India's Independence Day on August 15.