Updated 14 Jun, 2019

After the Pakistani cricket team battled it out with Australia yesterday one memorable moment stood out: a cricket fan captured in the stands looking utterly disappointed as Asif Ali dropped a fairly easy catch.

The disappointed man quickly became fodder for a meme that went viral. People on social media used it to express their disappointment for everything from cricket to politics:

Near the end of the game ICC commentator Zainab Abbas did what most of us wanted to do - she found out who this viral fan is. His name is Mohammad Akhtar, and in his interview with Abbas he said: "It was such a straightforward catch so it was really disappointing to see it in front of me being dropped."

Of the moment that spawned his internet fame, he said: "Probably it showed on my face. Because I could see it land on his hand and then he dropped it. So it was really disappointing. But I couldn't say anything. He [Asif Ali] had just come off a family tragedy so I couldn't shout at him."

Akhtar was referring to Asif Ali losing his young daughter to cancer before the World Cup began.

According to Akhtar he lives in London and had travelled over three hours to watch the match with his friends. In the interview he introduced his friends and offered more of his opinions on the match.