Vidya Balan tackles body shaming in this Bollywood inspired video

Published 01 Jun, 2019 11:32am

Images Staff

She emphasises we all look different because that's what makes us unique

Vidya Balan is the latest celebrity to raise awareness about the emotional damage caused by body shaming.

The Kahaani star, who has been attacked for her body size herself, stars in a promotional video for her new radio show Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho with Vidya Balan, in which she spoofs Bollywood lyrics to call attention to hurtful practices like mocking people's weight, height or the colour of their skin.

Watch it here:

In the end, Vidya emphasises that we're all unique because we're different. She calls out bodyshaming as a shameful act and talks about the damaging effect it has on people's self-confidence.

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Here's hoping her words take effect and help bring about a kinder society.