Vidya Balan just gushed about Pakistani dramas

Vidya Balan just gushed about Pakistani dramas

The Paa actress loves watching Pakistani dramas in her spare time
02 May, 2016

Vidya Balan sure loves Pakistani dramas!

They are her binge-watching shows of choice when she wants to unwind after a long day of shooting, the actress said on Twitter:

She went on to name her favorites and gave two thumbs up to the production value of those serials:

Sanam Baloch and Sabreen Hisbani must be flattered as Vidya Balan particularly gushed about how good a job the female actors did.

Plus, she seems really into Urdu!

Vidya Balan is currently working on TE3N and Kahaani 2, but she takes the time out to tune in to her favorite Pakistani dramas for the love of good television.

And we love her for it!