After morning shows and dramatic TV series, Nadia Khan's next big project is a comedy serial. She says it will be the "best project of my career!"

Titled Dolly Darling, the show sees Nadia in the role of the titular Dolly while Aijazz Aslam will play her husband who is an ad film director.

According to Nadia, Dolly Darling is "not a conventional sitcom" but Pakistan's most expensive comedy series to date. "Each episode has been worked on with the meticulousness of a drama serial. It has a very extravagant budget. It's the first time a production house has invested a mega drama serial budget in a comedy series. No expense has been spared in the matters of talent, technical, locations," she shared.

When asked what made her sign up for her first comedy role, Nadia said, "I don't laugh very often but I was in tears while reading the script. I feel so blessed to play the role I got. I've wanted to do comedy for a while and only got the chance now so many years into my career."

Further talking about her love for comedy, Nadia said, "Out of all my work, this project has given my the most joy and used my talents to the fullest. I request my viewers to look at me as a newcomer and forget my previous work. They will be struck with what I'm capable of."

"Serious dramas aren't fun to do. They are depressing, tiring and stressful for a person like me. But in a comedy serial, I won't get tired even if I work 18 hours straight."

Dolly Darling has been written by Dr Younis Butt, produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi and directed by Muhammad Iftikhar. It will air on Geo TV during Ramazan.