Clothing brand Generation and makeup artist Saima Bargfrede are the latest Lux Style Award nominees to have rejected their nominations to stand in solidarity with victims of sexual harassment.

Generation had been nominated for an award in the category of 'Achievement in Fashion Design (pret)' while Bargfrede has been nominated for 'Best Hair and Makeup Artist' at this year’s Lux Style Awards.

In a press release issued on Monday, however, Generation and Bargfrede said they "have decided to follow in Best Emerging Talent nominee Eman Suleman’s footsteps and step down from this year’s ceremony. The decision is in protest to the award platform’s choice to include a nomination for an individual who faces serious and credible accusations of sexual harassment."

The two continued: "The two brands stand with women who face and fight toxic misogyny, sexism and sexual harassment in multiple ways in pursuance of their dreams and indeed in their daily lives. The two entities have been nominated for awards in different categories and believe that by accepting any nomination or award and participating in LSA 2019 would be doing a disservice to the cause of women's empowerment and the urgent need to address the menace of sexual harassment."

The two clarified that they did not hold anything against those who made the choice to remain LSA nominees, saying: "This decision has been made after serious deliberation and as both bodies do not hold anything against those who choose to attend the LSA this year, or bear any personal ill will towards anyone associated with the awards."

Earlier this month model Eman Suleman also rejected her LSA nomination for similar reasons.

Speaking to Images, an LSA representative stated, "A nominee has the right to withdraw and not attend. The Awards Office sets up independent juries and they select nominees based on the work done during the awards calendar year."