Rahma Ali talks about her unexpected wedding

Published 23 Apr, 2019 11:04am
Photo: Vintage Photoworks
Photo: Vintage Photoworks

Rahma Ali, known for her Coke Studio duet with Jimmy Khan, tied the knot last week.

And turns out her wedding was as unexpected for her as it was for us.

Rahma's nuptials closely follows the wedding of her big sister Iman Ali and she says that she had no idea that she'd also be getting married this year until... late March!

Speaking to Images, Rahma talked about her decade-long tumultuous romance with her now husband Sibtain Khalid. She said, "Sibtain and I have known each other since 2009. We met through a mutual friend. Then we fell in love but it didn't work out because I had to leave for acting job in Karachi. I came back [to Lahore] in 2014 and we were obviously still in love. He proposed and we got engaged in 2016. We were supposed to get married but that didn't happen. We broke it off and weren't in touch for two years. "

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"Then we met again at our mutual friend's wedding in March. Our old romance was rekindled, Sibtain said he still wanted to marry me. I told him no but he made it happen. He suddenly proposed again and said if you're okay with it, let's get married. This was the last week of March. He spoke to his sisters and my family and they told us that they'd be really happy if we got married because we're meant to be together. And we actually were meant to be together."

Rahma shares that she had hoped for a winter wedding but both families pushed for the nuptials to happen immediately. "They said they're not going to give me time this time," she said with a laugh.

Rahma and Sibtain had an intimate Nikkah ceremony at Bahria Grand Mosque on April 19, where she says she was "a proper old-school bride" wearing a traditional gharara and jewellery. On April 20, they held a wedding reception, for which she wore a scarlet "ball gown that I designed and paired it with sneakers for comfort."

Talking about her future plans, Rahma says that she plans to continue music. "Since we're both singers, we could be making songs together soon. You never know. I left acting because when I first got engaged to Sibtain, my father-in-law had asked me to quit acting because he didn't like showbiz. I did some work after that but not too much."