14 Apr, 2019

Adnan Siddiqui has just discovered cushion covers made in Pakistan inside Elvis Presley's home, Graceland.

The actor is in the Memphis, Tennessee to raise funds for Indus Hospital and while there decided to take a trip to the King of Rock and Roll's mansion. During the tour of the house, which has been preserved to its original state, Adnan chanced upon white and yellow cushion covers stamped with "100% cotton. Made in Pakistan."

He took to Instagram to share with his followers. "I’m visiting Memphis, US to participate in the Indus Hospital fund raiser. This also happens to be the city where the rock n roll king, Elvis Presley lived. Happened to visit his place and while everything has been retained as it was, guess what I found- the cushion covers at his place were from Pakistan...Wah"

Adnan also gave a few more historical insights. "This city, Memphis is famous for many reasons one being the civil rights that took place. Martin Luther King Jr was also fatally shot here. "