This artist from Peshawar is calling for a creative platform for young women in her village

This artist from Peshawar is calling for a creative platform for young women in her village

Hina Shinwari believes talent is being wasted in villages like hers
Updated 08 Apr, 2019

Hina Shinwari, a young artist, has sought a proper platform for the girls in her village to explore their talent and play a positive role in the society.

In a chat with this scribe, she said, if provided with space, these girls could do wonders.

“They have great talent,” she said, adding that she would soon market her art online to motivate others in the field to do so.

Hailing from Landi Kotal subdivision of Khyber tribal district, Hina Shinwari is a student of final year at art and design department of Home Economics College, University of Peshawar. She being recipient of several awards for her art pieces is an expert on mixed media and has an ambitious plan to market her art in the future.

Ms Shinwari’s family shifted to Peshawar over three decades ago but didn’t lose ties with her village and family summer trips would provide a deep insight into the lives of women in villages like hers. She, being the fourth of seven siblings, two of them being into medical field, saw a tough turf ahead to compete but ended up with falling in love with myriad of colours and canvases.

“It is here that I found my inner soul. One day while surfing through diaries of my dad, I stumbled across pencil sketches and strange drawings. I got interested, my instant demand for colourful pencils and an easel was met and it set the way for my future career,” she recalled.

The artist regretted that most people assumed that ‘home economics’ was something limited to home. She said that it was a misnomer as it offered much more to young women.

“It is not all about stitching and cooking only. Rather it is about nutrition and fashion design — two big worlds. Tribal women have intrinsic expertise in both. They require a special space to exhibit their talent,” she said.

Originally published in Dawn, April 8th, 2019