Sadia Jabbar's web series Shameless Proposals gets a hilarious trailer

Sadia Jabbar's web series Shameless Proposals gets a hilarious trailer

The trailer shows the struggles a woman goes through in arranged marriages.
Updated 22 Mar, 2019

Sadia Jabbar's Shameless Proposals trailer is a glimpse into the irony of arranged marriages and toxic rishta culture.

The short but pointed trailer of the web series shows a woman trying to prove herself to be a good match to her suitors with three things all women are expected to know best: how to make gol rotis, how to take care of the house and willing to give birth to as many children needed to keep the marriage afloat. Simultaneously, the narration throws some hilarious statements in conjunction with the woman's dialogues.

In less than one minute we are shown the struggles a woman goes through in arranged marriages and the dynamics she thinks are necessary for her marriage proposal.

Says Sadia Jabbar, "The series is about the desi rishta system. When rishta is offered, no one looks at whether the boy and girl are compatible, whether they share similar interests. It sometimes feels like the family just wants to get rid of their daughter. We wanna challenge the current system and want it to evolve so that people pay attention to these things and the couple is able to grow together later as well."

The clip does indeed challenge the system of our society and the woman hunt when it comes to marriage. It also sheds light upon how important it is for a woman to be the “perfect girl” for a better suitor regardless of how competitive, well-educated and independent she is.

Sadia adds, "The series will be through a woman's perspective but will also show what problems men go through when rishtas are concerned."

"Digital is a relatively new platform which we can use to make our voices be heard, the voices which get lost in TV. Keeping our cultural values intact we can call out what's problematic and use web series to get our point across."

Shameless Proposals aims to raise awareness about this cultural norm but on a lighter note. The first episode will release on March 29th.


Jaag Mar 21, 2019 08:58am
Hope it's not another male-bashing story and shows a nuanced view on both sides of the aisle.
M.S Mar 21, 2019 01:26pm
The concept sounds excellent, best of luck with it. But please note that its not just the women who are exhibited, its the boys as well & this is the truth! In our society, how beautiful the girl is, how educated she is, how much the boy earns or the family is well settled are conerstones of making a Rishta which is not wrong but are not the only aspects to consider. How is the family, what the boy is really like it terms of being a nice person, how confident the girl is, will they be good match for each other or is it just being put on a pedestal for window shopping . These deep questions need to be pondered and in my opinion, the guy & the girl need to know each other and so do the families as in our culture its the families which play a big role & no I am not referring to to their Social & Financial standing only but also on how cultured and refined there are in terms of being good human beings. Alas we have long ways to go....
Sultan Mar 22, 2019 05:31pm
@M.S : well said.