After Balu Mahi, producer Sadia Jabbar is working on her second feature in collaboration with HKC Entertainment and Cinestar.

Speaking to Images, Jabbar revealed that the film will be a comedy drama titled Middle Class.

"The story is about the dreams and desires of the Pakistani middle-class," said Jabbar.

While she couldn't give away too much at this stage, Jabbar did mention that the film "is very content driven and will touch some meaningful issues that we're all aware of."

"The subject matter will be very thought-provoking but it will be delivered through a lot of entertainment," she added.

There is no announcement regarding the cast yet but Sadia has said that she'll be working with a team of fresh talents, so we expect to see a few debut appearances in the project.

Middle Class is expected to hit floors next summer and is geared to be a 2020 release.