Kajol is every desi mom in the Helicopter Eela trailer

Published 06 Aug, 2018 12:18pm

Images Staff

Be honest, your mom would join your college too if she could

Kajol already made an amazing desi mom in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham but now she's back with an upgrade.

The trailer of the actor's upcoming film Helicopter Eela was just released and it picks up an idea that every desi human being can relate to: an overprotective mom.

Kajol plays Eela, a singing sensation who wants to go back to school and decides to join her son's college. Her son, played by Riddhi Sen, is obviously not ecstatic to have his mother cramping his style and being her usual overbearing self at school too.

Usually the overprotective desi parent is a side character in a Bolly flick, with a subplot if they're lucky. Kajol is bringing an important topic of desi parent-children relationships as the actual star of the show.

At the trailer launch, Kajol spoke about her character, saying, "That is where the 'helicopter' part comes in. A single mother's bond with her son will always be deeper because she has to be both the mother and the father. That is why the mother also grows up with the son in this film."

Helicopter Eela is slated for release on September 7.