After facing immense backlash, he deleted his tweet and apologised.
After facing immense backlash, he deleted his tweet and apologised.

There's a new controversy on Twitter and it involves infamous TV host Amir Liaquat.

Yesterday, PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat posted a photo of senator Sherry Rehman, MMA spokesperson Owais Noorani and former PM Yousuf Raza Gilani with a caption referring to some suggestive Bollywood lyrics.

Following backlash on Twitter, Liaquat deleted his tweet and issued an 'apology' explaining that he meant to target Noorani, not Sherry Rehman.

Audiences have come to expect vulgarity from Aamir Liaquat, the TV entertainer, but as an MNA, he has to meet higher standards of behaviour. For Liaquat to not realise in the first place that it's inappropriate to make a jibe at a rival politician at Sherry Rehman's expense is a clear indication of his casual sexism. And it's also worrying that he doesn't understand that sexism is a no-go even if your intention is to insult a man with it.

So Liaquat's tweets are not only an alarming reminder of his derogatory attitude towards women, but also underscore the need for the newly elected PTI to prove that there is no room for casual misogyny in the Parliament of Naya Pakistan.

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Since yesterday, it appears that Shireen Mazari is the only PTI leader to have called him out for his behaviour:

And Twitter is making sure that PTI knows the #InternetDoesntForget.