Did you know? Aamir Liaquat is set to be a movie star

Did you know? Aamir Liaquat is set to be a movie star

Veteran director Syed Noor has cast him as the male lead in his upcoming romantic drama
Updated 02 Jan, 2016

Aamir Liaquat is going to be a movie star. Yes, you read the name correctly.

The famed televangelist and talk show host Dr Aamir Liaquat is set to embark on his film career with veteran director Syed Noor's untitled next.

No one can doubt the Doc's flair for the dramatic. And he isn't venturing too far from reality in his debut.

Dr Liaquat will play a scholar, which is the film's lead role.

"Aamir Liaquat is the best fit for the role," shared Syed Noor with Images. "His knowledge is vast, and he has an impressive personality."

He elaborated on his decision to cast Dr Liaquat: "I wrote a screenplay four years ago. I was keen to make a different kind of love story after Majajan but faced many casting challenges while selecting a male actor. Nobody quite suited the requirements of the role. One day I was watching Amir Liaquat on TV. I was highly impressed by the way he carried the show and handled the audience. I decided that I will convince him some time to act in my movie."

He continued, "When I met him one day, I narrated the story to him. He listened carefully and smiled. He praised the script and its great message and agreed to do the film. I hope that our journey will become a milestone in our respective careers and become a source of great value to the film industry, its audience and Muslims all over the world."

Syed Noor further revealed that the film will be a romance and Saima has been cast as Liaqat's love interest.

He promised that the film "will be totally different from the movies made in Pakistan and India."

While set in Pakistan, the film will also be shot in foreign locales. It is slated for a 2017 release.