10 of Salman Ahmad's strangest election tweets

Updated 24 Jul, 2018 06:21pm

Images Staff

This Junooni's words of wisdom just won't stop

It's well known that Salman Ahmad reserves a special place in his heart for PTI chief Imran Khan, but during election season this Junooni's jazba seems to be in overdrive.

For proof we can turn to his Twitter account, through which he provides up to date commentary on the elections.

Are you not entertained?

1) The one where he photoshopped Imran Khan's face onto Captain America's body

2) The ones where he takes sneaky pictures of bae

Pretty sure IK is sleeping in this one...

3) The ones where he brainstorms creative nicknames for his opponents...

...like 'Wizard of Lies' for Nawaz Sharif

...and 'Penthouse Pirates' for the Sharif family

...and Agent 000 for Reham Khan

4) The one where he plagiarises Martin Luther King

5) The one that reads like breakup advice

6) The ones where he quotes famous figures like Rumi...

... and Aristotle...

...and Voltaire...

...and... himself?

7) The one where Imran Khan was basically Nelson Mandela

8) The one where rock n roll was basically democracy

9) The ones about Bilawal Bhutto and his... sugar daddy...

... basically, according to him, Bilawal's got a sugar daddy...

... and is a daddy's boy himself...

... makes sense.

10) The one where he puts the Sufi in SufiSal