Twitter had paid tribute to the victims of the tragic Mastung massacre.

Salman Ahmad chimed in but his tweet did not get the reaction he was expecting.

The singer shared the news with a quote from his classic 'Junoon', comparing the victims of the incident to martyrs makings a sacrifice for freedom. And it did not go down well with his fans.

The tweet was called out for being insensitive to the victims of the attacks, with Twitterati appalled at his statement.

Salman Ahmad has since defended his post, standing by his comparision of the victims to shaheeds.

The singer felt that his tweet was not at all ill-timed and made sense. He did not hold back on defending himself to the point of responded to those offended.

But Twitter isn't convinced, especially since all they want him to know is that a terrorist attack and collateral damage for a bigger cause are two very different things.

It's as simple as this;