The elections are upon us and restaurants across the country have figured out the best motivational tactic to make you vote: free food.

We discovered multiple eateries that will reward you for fulfilling your civic duty. Here's everything you can get your inked thumb on after hitting the polling station:

Ambrosia's got refreshments after a hot day

Heisen Burger wants you to cool off with these coolers

Elemento Caffe has a peachy thought

The Deli wants to re-energise you

Espresso's also got a coffee waiting for you

Esquires got a giant cookie because you need the sugar

Burger Lab thinks your meal deserves an upgrade

Chupa Rustom wants you to breakfast like a king

Burger In Law's got some fries with that vote

Del Frio wants to celebrate with some meetha

Kebabistan will fix your desi food cravings

Amiamo Gelato will satisfy your sweet tooth

Charcoal's got an offer you can't refuse

Soi has a flat discount

So does Paramount

Bumzee's wants you to go ham with half off

Nosh believes you deserve a feast