8 reasons Pakistanis loved Pepsi Battle of the Bands' kick-off

8 reasons Pakistanis loved Pepsi Battle of the Bands' kick-off

Khamaaj and Tamasha seem to be a front-runners already and people are happy to have Fawad and Meesha back onscreen!
Updated 19 Jul, 2018

The third season of Pepsi Battle of the Bands aired Monday night and as always, the auditions featured a diverse pool of bands fighting it out to get shortlisted for the main round!

The show is doing a stellar job at attempting to revive band culture in the country and with judges like Farooq Ahmed, Fawad Khan and Meesha Shafi leading the participants, we're in store for some good music coming our way for sure.

BotB was originally supposed to come out on Sunday (that's when a new episode is released each week) but the show was postponed to show solidarity following the Mastung attack. The episode then aired on Monday and was uploaded online on Tuesday.

Pakistanis took to social media to share some of their favourite moments; here are a few key takeaways from the first episode:

Khamaaj made its comeback

The band, who appeared in the last season also is here to give it another shot and they're bigger and better than before! Even Fawad had to ask, "Badla lenay aye ho?" (Here to take revenge?)

Their fans are clearly thrilled to see them back on stage and so are we. Think the fact that they've been on the show once before and know the drill gives them an advantage over the other contestants? Tell us in the comments below!

Tamasha performed Farooq Ahmed's song in front of him!

The group sang Aaroh's 'Raag Neela' in front of the latter's lead singer (Ahmed); now that takes some serious guts!

Clearly, the risk paid off because they managed to rack up some serious praise and also get a shout-out from the masters themselves!

Sarmasta's original song was one to remember

The band performed their very own 'Bullah' and scored a 10 out of 10 from Fawad!

Not only that, the judges seemed to unanimously agree that their song was potentially an instant hit and was one of the most entertaining performances up till now.

Fawad Khan is and always will be relevant

The thirst is real people.

...even in Turkey!

It's great to have Meesha Shafi back on television!

We lost track of how many times we screamed "YAAAS QUEEN!" at the screen.

Overall production of the show has improved

The stage looks more extravagant than the year before, the lighting is well-thought out and the set in general looks so much more "chic" than last time.

The people have spoken: they want Ayesha Omar to find a new make-up artist stat!

Oh girl, that contouring isn't doing anyone any favours!

Raise your hands if you're all for more outfit coordination!

See, it's all about attention to detail. Matching outfits were one of the coolest parts about boy bands from long ago so we're living for the nostalgia!