In Pakistan, the weather is scorching.

So it’s no surprise to see every other person try to rock the breezy white kurta look. But the thing is... eveeeryone is doing it.

It’s so easy to fall in a style rut, especially when you’re busy. Of course, the heat saps you of all energy and you run out of ideas about how to avoid dissolving into the crowd. Relatable, right?

Fortunately for you, it’s incredibly easy to stand out, no matter how swamped you are, without spending a major chunk of your savings.

Here are 5 cool fashion items that can set your look apart:

1) These retro shades from EyeWatch

Price: Rs2000

EyeWatch offers a wide range of non-boring shade designs that will make your entire outfit pop.

From cat eyes to vintage round frames, aviators to reflectors and an option to customise your shades, they’ve got everything covered.

These funky round retro red shades will make you look fabulous all summer round. Wear them out to the beach or on a bright sunny afternoon and make your day even more colorful.

They’re also available in yellow and black.

2) A pair of mom jeans (they're not just for moms, y'know) from The Sassy Store

Price: Rs6540

Do away with your boring old skinnies with this pair of mom jeans from The Sassy Store. They're perfect for the relaxed summer look.

Channel your inner Jane Birkin by pairing it up with a basic white tee or a cute crop top and you’re ready to go.

3) Customised khussas from Aatish Parre

Price: Rs2500-Rs2600

Move over slides, we’re going back to basics. Whether you’re going out for lunch or dinner or just stopping over for a coffee break, khussas are comfortable and perfect for anything and everything.

Add just the right amount of personality in your footwear and flaunt it with style with your one-of-a-kind khussas from Aatish Parre. I recently stumbled across their Instagram page and was pleasantly surprised by the kind of work that was showcased. Who says mindless scrolling is a waste of time? Not me for sure.

The best part is, they have everything for everyone. Whether you are an art history major or a Star Wars nerd, a Marvel fan, or an eccentric cat lady or just someone who is fond of khussas, Aatish Parre has got your back.

4) These sloganned tote bags from Prisms and Paintbrushes

Price: Rs2000

Nothing says summer better than a cute totebag and these are as cute as it gets.

Prisms and Paintbrushes specialises in providing a delightful range of whimsically illustratrated products, including these totebags that are perfect for the season. You can use them to carry almost anything. Take it for a spin to the beach or on a casual day out and let your friends spot you from a mile away. A total must-have.

5) Passport cover from 9Lines

Price: Rs1400-1600

While on vacation, make an accessory out of your most prized possession; your passport, with 9Lines’ graphic, spunky approach to travelling in style. The studio brings an extensive range of passport cover designs that are loud, tangy and full of energy, featuring vibrant neon and oranges hues influenced by local art. Everything screams summer but with a refreshing twist to it.