Rabab Hashmi is starring with Firdous Jamal in upcoming drama Ishq Na Kare Koi.

In the drama, Firdous Jamal will be playing a designer and Rabab Hashmi's character will go through an emotional roller coaster, transforming her into someone else.

Speaking to Images, Rabab revealed that while she can't explain much about the plot she can give us a hint about her character.

"My characters name is Fariha and there is a major transformation for me involved in the drama. She starts off as a timid girl with no confidence and low self esteem. She’s hopelessly in love with a boy in her university. And that’s where the heartbreak is. I love the character, because it reaffirms that there is no good or bad but our circumstances and emotions that make us do things."

She added, "What I can say about the plot is that it revolves around Fariha’s obsession with the guy she loves and eventually hates with equal intensity. It’s an interesting story."

Rabab also revealed that apart from Fridous Jamal, the cast will also include Noor Hasan, Saba Faisal, Javed Sheikh, Hajra Yamin and Humayun Ashraf among many more.

The drama, written by Ali Moeen, is being directed by Abdullah Badini. So far it has not been confirmed where it will be aired but Rabab is enjoying working on the drama.

"It's been a fun experience playing this character. She’s different from the normal damsel in distress protagonists that I generally play. I liked the character because it has a strong transformation... I love experimenting. And I’m hoping this is going to be an exciting year."