Areeba Habib apologises to Zara Noor Abbas for mocking her runway walk

Areeba Habib apologises to Zara Noor Abbas for mocking her runway walk

Having fun should not be done at someone else's expense, admits Areeba
14 Apr, 2018

The latest little controversy brewing on social media was the fun made of actor Zara Noor Abbas' runway walk at FPW, where she served as showstopper for FnkAsia.

When pro model Areeba Habib put up a video of her colleagues Farwa and Javeria mocking Zara's exuberant walk, the actor clapped back and called the models out for pulling down a fellow female colleague.

Perhaps she succeeded in making her critics see the error of their ways, for Areeba posted an apology to Zara on her Instagram last night:

Taking full responsibility for the video, Areeba says, "The video shows a couple of girls - friends, colleagues - having their own fun in their own time and space, at the conclusion of a long day at work, something that all normal people are allowed to do but I accept that it should not have been done at someone else's expense, especially publically."

She adds, "Given that the video was private, yet again, I stand by my stance: we respect all women and their craft very much. It seems like this incident has in fact been blown out of proportion by the third parties involved which is why I thought it would be best to take this chance to apologize for any inconvenience that this video may have caused to #ZaraNoorAbbas and bring all this to an end."

We're not sure why Areeba believes the video was private given that she's a celebrity with a following of over 75,000 people and she put it up on her Instagram story herself. But we're glad that she took the mature approach and extended an apology to bury the hatchet, which has been accepted since Zara Noor Abbas commented on Habib's post with the following: