Zara Noor Abbas will make her film debut with Mahira Khan-starrer Paray Hat Love

Zara Noor Abbas will make her film debut with Mahira Khan-starrer Paray Hat Love

While not the lead, the actor will have a very prominent role
30 Mar, 2018

Zara Noor Abbas is all set for her film debut.

The actor will be joining Mahira Khan and Sheheryar Munawar in Asim Raza's upcoming film Paray Hat Love.

Images got in touch with the actor to find out more.

On getting the role Zara said, "Asim called me for a commercial in the beginning but that could not happen because I was getting married and had to fly for my honeymoon. I then met Asim at my wedding and we stayed in touch. Soon he called me and asked if I was interested in a role in his film. I asked him if I could read his script and once I did I really liked the part."

While Zara was happy the offer, she was unsure about taking on any film.

"I was skeptical about signing any film because it's such a huge platform and I need it to be good if I'll be on board. I discussed it with Asad and he was all for it. After all it's a film with Asim Raza, he is known to be very supportive and wonderful. Asad gave me a lot of confidence, kept telling me I'm gonna nail it so I signed it immediately after," she said,

Though Zara's role is not of a lead, her character will be a prominent one in the project, she told us without revealing the details.

"It's a rom-com. I've never done comedy on screen. I've done comedy theatre shows in Iran with Sarmad Sehbai but it's so different when on screen. I'm very excited to try it out. My khala Bushra Ansari is known for her comedy so I hope I've inherited some skills from her."

Zara is currently workingon two projects, "One is a serial with Momina Duraid Productions called Lamhe and after that I'm going to work with Wajahat Rauf for an upcoming show. I don't want to take on any new projects now because I want to shift my focus on the film."

"The shooting (for Paray Hat Love) hasn't begun yet so I can't really talk about the experience but I know it's going to be amazing. It'll be an experience of a lifetime."

Paray Hat Love is slated for release on Eid 2019.