10 stages of realising your favourite high-street brand might be racist

10 stages of realising your favourite high-street brand might be racist

Don't make excuses; the reporter didn't just get confused between retail giant Zara and a girl named Zara
19 Nov, 2015

On Tuesday, clothing giant Zara dismissed a manager and a security guard from a French store after the two employees barred a woman wearing a headscarf from entering the premises.

A video of the guard telling the potential customer she couldn't enter the premises unless she took off her hijab went viral on Monday.

Needless to say, shoppers and people who pretend to shop there were furious and in a dilemma — for many a fashionista it's tough to choose between being enraged by Islamophobia and lusting after suede ankle boots... right?

Here are the 10 stages you might have gone through in those crucial 24 hours when you thought your beloved high-street brand was racist.

1. Denial

You convince yourself it's a dirty marketing ploy by competitors.

2. Extreme anger directed at the brand in question

Oh no, where will you get your winter wardrobe from now? Why would Zara do this? WHY!

3. More anger, only this time it's projected onto a different brand


4. Anger... at yourself

What kind of horrible human being can't stop thinking about skinny jeans in times of racial turmoil?

5. Bargaining

The media is probably just confused, it wasn't Zara who was being racist, it was this girl named Zara who actually works at the Forever 21 next to it.

Plus, who knows how old that video is?

Phew, you can buy those boots now.

6. Depression

I'm not crying, you're crying!

7. More depression

Real life is a nightmare. Time to go to bed.

8. The Adele/Taylor Swift/Drake stage

You can never, ever, ever shop there again. Why aren't they making things right?!

9. The food-is-the-only-solution phase

May as well pig out now that your dreams of buying and fitting into that white maxi dress have been crushed.

10. Acceptance

You still have Mango.

Who are we kidding? It's Mango!

Thank God they issued an apology and the world is back to its natural order.