Sania Mirza shuts down Twitter troll for calling her 'non-Indian'

Published 13 Apr, 2018 01:04pm

Images Staff

Just because she's married to a Pakistani doesn't mean she's non-Indian. FYI.

One comment caught her attention.
One comment caught her attention.

Sania Mirza has a no bs attitude towards haters and trolls - she will find you and she will give you hell.

The ace tennis player shared a New York Times story on the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl, appalled by the crime. She wrote:

"Is this really the kind of country we we want to be known as to the world today?? If we can’t stand up now for this 8-year-old girl regardless of our gender, caste, colour or religion then we don’t stand for anything in this world.. not even humanity.. makes me sick to the stomach."

Following her tweet, the celeb received a number of hate on her post.

However, there was one comment which caught her attention. This Twitter user called her a non-Indian...

... and Sania wasn't having it, Not one to stand down in the face of hate, the 31-year-old clapped back with a fiery comment.

"NO LOW LIFE like you will tell me which country I belong to.. I play for India,I am Indian and always will be.. and maybe if u look beyond religion and country one day you may just also stand for humanity!"

Can we have a standing ovation for this woman, please?