Sania Mirza admits she's possessive about Shoaib Malik

Sania Mirza admits she's possessive about Shoaib Malik

But don't take that to mean she's insecure!
27 Sep, 2017

Sania Mirza just got candid about lurve!

The tennis player recently made an appearance on popular Indian chat show No Filter Neha, in which she shared fun facts about herself, like her guilty pleasure being an Indian TV soap and that while she is not huge on parties, she was once asked to leave a hotel room because of partying too much.

"I don't drink or smoke or do anything so people would find my parties too boring... But this was an after party for when I had become number one, and there were many people and it was a huge celebration. But then at 5 am they came to us and said we were being too loud and that we should leave. We were like, but we’ve paid for the room. It was 6 am. I became number one in the world, come on, I deserve that kind of a party. But then we left."

Sania Mirza of the No Filter Neha show
Sania Mirza of the No Filter Neha show

Sania also talked quite a bit about her husband Shoaib Malik and revealed that he is as crazy as she is, but many assume him to be the sober one.

"We didn't date that long. He got to know me pretty well. But he's a chupa rustam! I got to know about his wild side much later after we were married and I was like 'Phew'! He may look all sweet and adorable but he can definitely have a crazy time."

The tennis star was also asked to give her cricketer hubby some love advice, to which she said, "He should express more in words. I know he loves me but he should not take me for granted. Sometimes it's nice to show it. We shouldn't think 'oh they know we love them so that's good'. He should let me know that he loves me."

She also gave herself some advice, saying, "I need to be less possessive. I’m not insecure, I am possessive. There is a big difference. I would love to be a better communicator. Shoaib is better at communication and I feel like I sometimes shut myself off, I want to change that."

This isn't the first time Sania's advised on love. The pro player revealed how she is always urging her actor bestie Parineeti Chopra to find love.

"Buddy, let’s just find you a guy. But she’s like nahi, she’s a little choosy I think. So she doesn’t want to be with actors, which she's also said on one of the shows. She doesn’t have that Bollywood mindset. So I just tell her ‘please love!"

The episode was full of laughs and awws. We laughed but we awwed more.

Check out the full show here.


Nithin Sep 27, 2017 02:10pm
NOT AT ALL INTERESTED! I'm all ears for Mahira and Ranbir stories :-)... Well I guess it is going to be the greatest love story of the millennium
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Thoroughthinker Sep 27, 2017 02:18pm
Celebrities need to be much more private persons well in time before it is too late.
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Amer RAO Sep 27, 2017 02:47pm
Our prayers are both of you, stay blessed
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Ahmed Ali Sep 27, 2017 03:09pm
Good one. All the best to our Bhabi from India and to the couple !!!
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Naeem Sep 27, 2017 03:11pm
I need to puke. This is revolting. Two middle aged, pot bellied uncle and aunty behaving like teenagers.
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Usman naseem Sep 27, 2017 08:49pm
stay blessed and happy both of you
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Sameer Sep 27, 2017 10:17pm
Let me put Sania's mind at ease. Nobody is interested.
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Sonali Sep 30, 2017 05:44am
Really sweet! lots of love to both of you. Sania continues to inspire girls from the sub-continent!!
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