You know it's really breakup season when Salman Ahmad announces that he's leaving Imran Khan's side.

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After decades of loyalty to the cricket champ-turned-PTI chief, Salman has announced that he is moving away from political party PTI, claiming he can no longer justify Imran Khan's actions.

He live-tweeted his departure from the party and it all started with a cryptic tweet two days ago.

Who'd have thought Salman Ahmad was in genuine turmoil at the time. Turns out Amir Liaquat is joining PTI and while many raised their concerns, SufiSal was at first confident that his leader will make the right decision.

And he was not afraid of saying more.

He just wanted to be heard, but it looks like he wasn't.

And he did not take it too well.

Will Salman Ahmad still be a part of PTI? Will he sing at those rallies? Or is this completely over? Sigh.