This video of Salman Ahmad failing at push-ups is proof that PTI's struggle is real

Updated 07 Nov, 2016 05:05pm

Images Staff

The struggle for core strength, that is.

Photo by Ahmed Sherjeel Kardar/Twitter
Photo by Ahmed Sherjeel Kardar/Twitter

Today PTI chief Imran Khan demonstrated his fitness and preparedness for PTI's November 2 lockdown of Islamabad by performing pushups alongside other supporters, most notably Salman Ahmad.

Dressed in a tracksuit, the PTI chairman counted the pushups. "I am still not tired," he exclaimed amid loud cheers and clapping.

Such was the hullaballo that many people didn't notice until later that his partner in pushups, Salman Ahmad, was suffering and unable to keep up.

Wearing his signature hat, former Junoon guitarist Salman Ahmad couldn't muster the core strength to match Khan's 40-odd push ups.

He kept pausing in the middle of his pushups to catch his breath. He repeatedly looked over to Khan to check and see whether his ordeal would be over soon.

Unfortunately for Salman Ahmad, Imran Khan is known for keeping himself fit. As the PTI leader continued to bob up and down, Salman Ahmad saw that relief was not coming anytime soon.

Here's a birds-eye view of the PTI pushups project

The former Junooni ultimately found solace in the plank position, which he maintained for several seconds as he took a much needed break from the push ups.

This is not the first time Salman Ahmad has found himself in an awkward spot during PTI's lockdown - this weekend he was arrested and thrown in the back of a police van. He managed to escape, but the whole thing was caught on camera.

Ah Salman - the struggle is real, we know. And Twitter knows too: