The weirdest moments from Salman Ahmad's love letter to Imran Khan

Updated 12 Jul, 2017 04:33pm

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You have to see it to believe it

Salman Ahmad's tight bond with Imran Khan is no private affair - it's a relationship that has been publicly flaunted via the singer's frequent declarations of love for IK.

Sometimes Salman Ahmad proves his devotion by undergoing physical torture (like performing push-ups on camera) and sometimes by tangling with law enforcement (on his way to a dharna).

But the singer's latest pledge of allegiance to IK takes the form of a music video. Released on YouTube on July 9th, the six-minute music video describes itself as being produced, written and performed by Salman Ahmad.

Basically an ode to Imran Khan's greatness, the music video displays a montage of images and video clips from Imran Khan's life over the years -- with frequent special appearances by Salman Ahmad.

But the above description doesn't do justice to the video's fantastic strangeness. Cult-ish, fawning and touchingly slapdish, the video looks a lot like one man's lone descent into the depths of fanboydom.

Here are some of its weirdest moments.

The Star Wars-style intro

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, one man found a way to celebrate his idol.

This face-swap revealing Imran Khan as the true Tiger of Pakistan


This mashup of IK the hunter and IK the cricketer

Shots fired?

This depiction of politicians as greedy lettuce-eaters

We want a share of the salad too.

This shot of Imran Khan running in slo-mo

Baywatch (Bae-watch?) references are unavoidable.

The random inclusion of Salman Ahmad's wedding album

Why though.

This montage of women looking at Imran Khan adoringly

We think someone wants Imran Khan to look at them the way these women look at Imran Khan.

This sneaky videoclip of Imran Khan shot from the backseat of a moving vehicle

Was this recorded with consent?

This Ring a Ring o' Roses in support of IK moment


This note of special thanks to... Allama Iqbal

Because he really wanted credit for this one.

So what does IK think of all this? We think we know...

Watch the full video here.

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