Rumours of Mathira's divorce made the evening news yesterday and Mathira is not pleased.

Speaking to Images, Mathira said, "I'm really shocked that people are claiming that I have been talking about my personal life. That is absolutely not true."

Mathira married a Punjabi singer who goes by the name of Flint J in a private ceremony in Pakistan in 2013. Even when Mathira made her marriage public a year later, she expressed her desire to keep her relationships to herself: “I am a person who keeps her family life secret. Relationships are very fragile so I avoid talking about them.”

Mathira was then taken aback to see that some TV channels and bloggers ran news of her divorce yesterday, falsely claiming that she's spoken to them and confirmed the rumour.

"It's true that I'm having some issues in my personal life, but I haven't spoken to anyone," she emphasised.

Mathira urged media outlets to respect her privacy. "I've responded to some bloggers and some have taken down the posts and apologised. Don't do all this for the sake of TRPs or likes. Please leave me alone because I can't take this. I'm not well and I don't need this rubbish," she said.

"I don't want anyone to butt into my personal life. Leave it to me," she reiterated.