Saba Qamar's enjoyed a bunch of career highs in 2017, so she's been soaking up the spotlight quite a bit. Trust that spotlight to backfire...

When a photograph of Saba and her friend Arslan Faisal started doing the rounds on social media, many were quick to assume that the two are a thing. To be fair, Arslan captioned the photo, "First picture of 2018:) with her ♥️ Love Love and Love ♥️♥️♥️."

But soon major publications were interpreting that photo as proof of the two friends' engagement! Poor Arslan soon had to add the 'Friends only' postscript to his post.

Saba ended up making a public announcement too:

We're sure Saba's glad to see people rooting for more good news from her, but right now, the actor says she's happily single. Let her stay that way, fans.