Amir Khan's sexist take on household chores is the last thing we need

Amir Khan's sexist take on household chores is the last thing we need

The boxer had a cringe-worthy moment on the show of I'm A Celebrity...
Updated 03 Dec, 2017

Boxer Amir Khan has had a number of cringe-worthy moments this past year, but nothing tops this.

Currently partaking in BBC's reality TV show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, Amir spoke about house chores and why he would never touch a dishwasher. And honestly, we're quite dumbstruck by his response.

The Pakistani-British boxer was conversing with another husband who said that he and his wife swap meal tasks when the other is working. Amir, on the other hand, responded with this gem: "I would never actually cook. In my culture, women, that's their job to do the cooking. They're best at cooking."

Unfortunately, it doesn't end there, Amir continued and said that there is a clear gender divide when it comes to household tasks.

"It's a man's job to actually do other jobs like the hard work, the hard labour jobs around the house."

The other husband was quick to jump in and counter his argument, stating that "doing housework is harder," and also took a dig at Amir saying, "Until you don't do it for yourself, you won't realise how hard that is."

The boxer replied, "I've got a dishwasher, washing machine, I've never actually known how to use these things. I would never touch those machinery, ever. You would turn into a woman. I'm a man. If I started dishwashing ---"

Even when a woman cut him and threw a rhetorical question at him, "If you use the machine, you would turn into a woman?", Amir responded with a, "Yeah."

It's deeply unsettling and surprising to hear that someone like Amir Khan, an icon for many, and also someone who has been born and raised abroad and seen equality among both genders, expressed views which are appalling and regressive to say the least.