Can the souring of a uni romance really ruin a life? That's what Sumbul Iqbal's next TV drama Aik Thi Rania might try to answer for us.

Starring as the titular Rania, Sumbul says that, on the whole, "Aik Thi Rania is a cute, simple love story" and that "after a long time, people are getting to see a good love story." But she feels that the drama also bears important messages for university-going or working women who may "face things they haven't encountered in life before", she says. We imagine she means men.

The story of Aik Thi Rania goes a little like this: Rania is her university's top student when she meets a fellow student (Syed Jibran) and promptly falls in love with him. Her life seems quite good: she studies well, lives in a nice home with her mother and the early days of her fling are pretty great.

Then, her boyfriend ditches her... and why? Because he's jealous of her good grades!

Yes, we're fuming as much as you.

According to Sumbul, Rania's life is "destroyed" by the break-up — and we really hope that Rania's heartbreak is redeemed by the end. Sumbul hints at reconciliation and assures us that the ending is a happy one. She did call the drama a pure love story, so we believe her.

Aik Thi Rania, produced by 7thSky Entertainment and directed by Abdullah Badini, will air on Geo Entertainment soon.