If one of the biggest award nights of the year doesn't call for a ball gown, we don't know what does!
If one of the biggest award nights of the year doesn't call for a ball gown, we don't know what does!

Deconstructing red carpet looks may just be the best guilty pleasure after an award show, and lucky for us the Hum Style Awards red carpet was buzzing!

Some noticeable trends on the red carpet included a focus on brights, specifically fall-friendly colours like red and orange.

In a welcome move away from frilly gowns, power suits and tailoring was spotted on several women.

But to get reallllly specific, how did some looks fare when they faced off against a rival?

We decided to find out.

1) Best black sari: Sadaf Kanwal or Sunita Marshall?

Ah, the timeless all-black sari. It's not as easy as it sounds. Although it seems like an outfit choice that you just can't go wrong with, that's not exactly true. It's a tricky one to pull off. Exhibit A: Sadaf Kanwal. Although her physique looks killer, we just felt the overall look fell flat. It was a little too plain Jane, coupled with a tight updo and black Bottega clutch. That arm bling also did her no favours.

Sunita Marshall on the other hand is making a great case for lace saris. The drop earrings and bangles kept the look traditional but the halter blouse and lace with silver detailing still made her look foxy.

Winner: Sunita Marshall!

2) Best white dress: Sajal Aly or Mansha Pasha?

A plain white dress, much like the all-black sari we mentioned above, is like a canvas: you must accessorize the outfit well.

First up we have Sajal Aly in Zaheer Abbas. Sajal didn't style her Zaheer Abbas number nearly enough, not to mention those vertical pleats looked a little awkward.

At the other end of the spectrum Mansha Pasha had a little too much going on: the off-shoulder, the frill, the sash. We also felt the dress was just not red carpet material and better suited for an event at the beach or a daytime affair. Maybe if she had skipped that scarf around her waist and just let her choker be the star accessory.

Winner: Neither

3) Best red: Mawra Hocane or Anam Malik?

We love a lady in red. But did both of them hit it out of the park with their crimson ensembles?

It was nice to see Mawra steer away from pastels and light colours and up the oomph factor with heavier eye make-up than usual. That's twice in a row now she's impressed us on the Hum Style Awards red carpet. Personally we would have picked a different clutch but hey, it's not make or break.

Anam Malik's trench coat dress with a slit, coupled with that sleek fringe hairdo and sultry bronze make-up was one of our favourite looks from the night. It was unexpected, sexy and sophisticated.

Winner: Both!

4) Best use of plaid: Shahzad Noor or Osman Khalid Butt?

An unexpected alternative to the good ol' suit, you don't have to be a rapper or a grandpa to rock one of these. Takes a bit more thought than your basic black/blue/grey suit but if you get it right, it's classic and bold all at once.

That being said, we think OB came out on top here; he didn't win Most Stylish Actor (FIlm) for nothing! The actor looked quirky but also quite dapper.

We felt like Shahzad Noor's three-piece suit was a little OTT and it looked like he hadn't put much thought into anything else other than the clothes.

Winner: Osman Khalid Butt, duh.

6) Best pantsuit: Nausheen Shah or Hira Shah?

We called it: borrowed from the boys, pant-suits are back in a big way. They look luxe AND they make you look like you mean business.

We honestly couldn't pick between these two, except maybe we were leaning slightly towards Nausheen Shah's look, because we love a little sparkle and prefer the bootcut.

Winner: Both!

5) Best ball gown: Ayesha Omar or Hareem Farooq?

If one of the biggest award nights of the year doesn't call for a ball gown, we don't know what does!

While both actors brought their A-game, we think Ayesha Omar takes the lead just by a little by channeling that old school glam (after all, retro classy was the theme for the night!).

Winner: Ayesha Omar

6) Best orange: Syra Shahroz or Saheefa Jabbar?

Syra and Saheefa went all orange for their looks at the HSAs. We love the change from lady in red and can't help but commend them for taking the challenge of such a bold colour. Seriously, oranges are difficult!

We love the pearls on Syra's suit but that's about it. The suit's asymmetrical style made her whole look appear lopsided and the cut-out was not the most flattering.

Saheefa's look was more put together as she topped off her suit with a blazer over her shoulders. The vibrant orange also looked more solid, probably because of the lack of odd cuts.

Winner: Saheefa

7) Best Shehla Chatoor ensemble: Shaneira Akram or Saba Qamar?

If it weren't for the colour, we'd have sworn Shaneira and Saba were twinning!

Both wore dresses from Shehla Chatoor which featured a hip-hugging silhouette dress ending in a flare of ruffles.

Saba's pastel tea-pink dress featured an embroided top with a hint of gold. While the colour is not one of our faves, we loved how Saba was pulling her look off with an air of confidence. Also, the rather tame top made way for the mermaid skirt at the bottom.

Shaneira's dress seemed to be a bit much with a poncho style top full of tassles and glitter. Because the dress was black, the look was saved but that doesn't mean it couldn't have been improved. We don't mind though, Shaneira's smile distracted us anyway!

Winner: Saba Qamar

8) Best printed sari: Tooba Siddiqui or Sonya Hussayn?

Saris definitely had their moment at the Hum Style Awards.

Tooba's Umar Sayeed sari-pant featured just the right amount of detailing, enough to keep us interested but not so much that we'd want to look away. She made the smart choice to keep her accessories minimal; with a fairly busy sari who needs bling?

Sonya Hussayn's deconstructed sari ensemble from Studio S was similarly intriguing. The bold slashes of black on the sari could have overpowered Sonya, but paired with a simple blouse and unfussy hair the entire look worked. Oh and bonus points for those killer abs!

Winner: Both!

9) Best colour-blocking: Mira Sethi or Bilal Abbas?

Both Mira Sethi and Bilal Abbas' outfits featured colourblocking. Unfortunately, neither had the intended effect.

The awkward length of Mira's dress didn't do justice to her tall frame, and coupled with a zipped neckline and boxy sleeves we felt there was too much going on to let any one element shine.

Bilal Abbas too could have benefitted from a less-is-more approach. Sometimes it's okay to let a suit just be a suit.

Winner: Neither