In Pagli, Hira Mani will play a woman suffering from a memory disorder

Updated 25 Aug, 2017 11:33am

Irfan Ul Haq

The upcoming show stars Asim Azhar, Hina Altaf and Noor Hassan to name a few

The upcoming show stars Asim Azhar, Hina Altaf and Noor Hassan to name a few
The upcoming show stars Asim Azhar, Hina Altaf and Noor Hassan to name a few

HUM TV's next, Pagli is all set to hit screens in the coming week.

Starring Hira Mani, Asim Azhar, Hina Altaf, Noor Hassan and Mahmood Aslam, the show will revolve around a girl who suffers from a mild mental disorder.

Speaking to Images, Hira revealed: "Her disorder is such that she loses her memory all of a sudden and she leaves her house, something she does 2-3 times in the show. She's very intelligent, with a quick wit. Woh pooray ghar ko le kar chalti hai. The house she goes to after leaving her own belongs to a psychiatrist, Dr. Khalid (Noor). Even when she's there, she lives there like she owns it; she's that confident."

Expanding more on the plot, she shared, "Now Dr. Khalid has a fiancé, Zubi (Hina) - she breaks them [their relationship] apart and gets the doctor to fall for her."

And then there's a twist. "Asim will be playing my fiancé, who I end up kicking to the curb and try to pair him up with Zubi instead. So whatever she [Hira's character] wants, she gets. It's a very different project. All the characters are really spontaneous, there's good humour. Rona dhona bhi hai but there's comic relief."

"When you watch the show, you'll think of Ankahi. I'm like Shehnaz Sheikh from that [drama] in Pagli. It's not one of those typical saas bahu projects."

Hira and Asim will be featured in the OST and she promises it'll be worth a listen.

"This has been a hard project because it's very expression-driven. She's [Hira's character] crazy and she has to make it seem like she isn't," adds the actress.

When we reached out to Asim Azhar to give us the lowdown on his character, he said, "The character I'm playing enjoys poetry and believes in old-school romance. He is a slightly older guy, simple and perhaps, too honest for his own good."

"Between me and Mehmood Aslam sahab, our characters are always trying to one-up each other. I learned a lot from him; I think our scenes exude great energy and chemistry, something to watch out for!"

Pagli has been directed by Ali Masood and is based on a Shaukat Thanvi novel. The show will air Aug 28.