Looking for a rishta? Careem it!

Yes, Wednesday morning Careem jumped into the rishta service to help Pakistanis find their lifelong partner. Now, not only will the service get you to your destination but it'll also save you time by finding you a rishta while you're en route. Rishta on the go? Definitely seems like it (though we'd rather prefer food on the go).

Careem's rishta ad on their Facebook page reads, "Bar kar forever alone ka naara ab status 'taken' ho ga tumhara! Careem offers you the 'halal' way to find the right person. Have a rishta aunty accompany you during your ride."

Sibtain Naqvi from Careem shared, "This is a community engagement initiative that will last 2 days. It rolls out in Karachi Lahore and Islamabad today. Basically you have to pre-book a rishta ride, where a match maker will join you on your ride. The matchmakers are professionals who do this for a living. They'll take your information and ask you what kind of soulmate you're looking for. Then they'll get in touch with you later. But Careem's responsibility stops at the contact point."

"Pakistan has a huge population of young people and still we have trouble meeting people so we thought this would be a good initiative. Today in the morning we already averaged 700 rides. It must be up to 1000 rides now. In fact, we're overbooked," he added.

If you woke up to this message, then you'd know the feels most people are going through:

Pakistanis were clearly unamused by this and a hailstorm of tweets soon followed.

The creep factor is high here

This is a very valid question: why and HOW did someone come up with the idea?

Let's hope Tehreem isn't accompanied by Karim

Clearly, the rishta business has become one of the most lucrative

Book a ride, get a Karim free LOL

At least it'll make for a great story...

... or not. slowly walks away

Every family needs another phuppo... ahem

How to write a horror story in four words

Careem is an evil marketing genius

... and also a homewrecker

We just hope it's a joke. A really bad joke.

Somethings just get lost in translation

We know who'll be enjoying his rishta aunty ride

First parents, now Careem

The rishta aunty service will run from 19-20th of July. So if you're interested, best do it fast!