Updated Jan 31, 2017 05:47pm

Frustrated commuters take to Twitter to support Careem and Uber after proposed ban

Pakistan isn't ready to say 'bye' to Careem and Uber.

Earlier today, news broke that both ride-hailing apps could face a ban by the Punjab government and the Sindh government may soon follow suit.

Careem and Uber are widely regarded as a boon for commuters in urban Pakistan, where safe, reliable and cost-effective public transportation is severely lacking.

It's no wonder that Twitter erupted in sheer panic.

Some people shared stories of how Careem and User made their daily lives better:

Some called out the government's double standards for claiming that Careem and Uber are being banned because they aren't vetted for safety:

There are some that smell foulplay.

Others relied on humour to get the point across:

Some wondered about their 'balance':

Some wondered why we can't just enjoy the good things in life.

Even celebs chimed in: