Ali Sethi's latest song 'Chan Kithan' is a Cinderella tale with a twist

Ali Sethi's latest song 'Chan Kithan' is a Cinderella tale with a twist

Ali Sethi sets the bar high with his deep vocals in this song
26 Jun, 2017

Ali Sethi's voice can evoke any emotion he wants and his latest offering is proof.

Released on chaand raat, Sethi's song 'Chan Kithan', is Punjabi gothic and the story is a Cinderella tale set in the modern age.

The video stars Mira Sethi, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Mehreen Syed. Mira plays Cinderella while the other two play lovers. However, this tale is not your regular Cinderella story, it's got an interesting twist at the end.

Images got in touch with Ali Sethi regarding his latest song and here's what he had to say.

"The word 'gothic' has many meanings, one of which is 'portentously gloomy' or broody. To that extent the lyrics are gothic: they convey a lonely maiden's half-tender, half-threatening interrogation of her elusive 'chan' or beloved. Our video is also very nocturnal, and shows our heroine drifting about a licentious house-party in a macabre black abaya. Longing, moonlight, a black abaya, shattering glass -- I think it fits the bill," said the singer.

While we thought the music, video (storytelling aspect) and wardrobe (by Studio S) may clash with each other, Ali thought otherwise.

"It’s a standard concern. But you also can't do without those three components. Ultimately we wanted to tell a story -- one that hasn't been told from this perspective. I think our efforts were aligned on that front."

Mira was all praise for the song and said it's "beautiful, Ali's rendition delicate and soaring. It's the perfect song for anguished love."