This hot new line of shoes at Forever 21 looks strangely familiar

Updated 02 Jun, 2017 02:05pm

Images Staff

Like, reeeally familiar... we think we saw them in Uzma Centre...

Forever 21 has alotta pretty shoes on display, but one of the newest hot sellers has us confused.

The Studio Caleidoscope sandals are described as "A pair of genuine leather sandals by Studio Caleidoscope™ featuring a tribal-inspired embroidered upper, a toe-ring strap construction, and a flat heel. Dust bag included."

What are we thinking? That's a rather detailed breakdown of what constitutes a good ol' fashioned kohla-puri chappal!

The sandals are very obviously inspired from South Asian wear, but has Studio Caleidoscope tipped its hat to the shoes' origins?

The description does say "Made in India", but is that enough credit? Not really.

And there are many!
And there are many!

We wouldn't mind if they had mentioned kolapuris somewhere. Heck, we wouldn't mind if it said "inspired from South Asian footwear," we know our fashion is amazing, we'd appreciate it getting the love it deserves.

But it's not getting the love it deserves. Instead we get 'tribal-inspired embroidered upper'.

Come on Studio Caleidoscope. Why you playin?