Things get rocky between Anoushey Ashraf and Ali Noor in Chinaar Ghaati

Updated 22 May, 2017 02:53pm

Irfan Ul Haq

The TV host reveals that Chinaar Ghaati has been 25 years in the making

TV drama Chinaar Ghaati already has us pretty excited.

The drama, directed by Ghazanfar Ali, boasts Dino Ali's comeback, stars Anoushey Ashraf and features Ali Noor!

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Images got in touch with Anoushey Ashraf to find out more about Chinaar Ghaati.

"It's a 25-year old script actually and it's about the supernatural world so it's very interesting, says Anoushey

She adds about the plot, "It's based 250-300 years ago when the English ruled the subcontinent. But at the same time it's a story based between two eras, then and now (2017)."

Dino Ali had previously shared pictures on the set of the show
Dino Ali had previously shared pictures on the set of the show

Anoushey reveals that her character will be in the 2017 era.

"I'm playing a girl in an advertisement agency and one of my friends has gone for a project and the drama shows what he goes through."

Anoushey also got us the deets on Ali Noor's role in Chinaar Ghaati

"Ali Noor is basically a feudal lord. He's a very rich person and things get rocky between me and him," says Anoushey.

Other names in the cast include Samiya Mumtaz, Tipu Shareef, Alyy Khan, Dino Ali and Shumail. Anoushey adds that "Irfan Khan is also in the drama."

Anoushey also reveals about Samiya Mumtaz's role, "She plays one of the supernatural characters and she's from the past. Actually, Irfan Khan plays another character from the past."

Chinaar Ghaati is around 26 episodes, or so Anoushey recalls, and will air on TVOne after Eid