What's it like to have breakfast with Anoushay Ashraf? We're about to find out

Updated 17 Oct, 2016 10:34am

Images Staff

The popular host's brand new breakfast show launches on Dawn News at 9am tomorrow

What's the latest from Anoushay Ashraf?

The popular host is set to shake things up on morning TV, as her new breakfast show on Dawn News launches tomorrow morning at 9:05am.

Titled Chai, Toast Aur Host, this breakfast show "is about Anoushay and her life and who and what she comes across in her daily [routine]," says CTH director Kiran Yazdani in conversation with Images.

"We chose Anoushay [as the host] because she is very relatable and connects with the audience," Kiran shared.

On the show, Anoushay will be joined by various 'housemates' like the friendly neighbourhood culinary expert Ayesha and Bijli, the over-enthusiastic "kaamwali".

"In the first half, they talk about breakfast (nutrition, what you should be eating, etc.), followed by a discussion about what's on Anoushay's newsfeed, etc. The conversation will flow from there," Kiran tells us. "The show is focused on social media because it's the digital age."

She adds, "Dawn News has been running traditional morning shows for years," shares CTH director Kiran Yazdani, "but now we want to break the trend."

Chai, Toast Aur Host will air Monday to Friday from 9.05am to 11am.