The desi touch in MasterChef Saliha's cooking is truly delightful

Updated 17 May, 2017 01:20pm

Images Staff

Who knew gobi parathas could look so good?

Saliha Ahmed is UK's MasterChef winner for 2017.

A British junior doctor of Pakistani descent, Saliha Ahmed won the hearts of the judges with her "East meets West" style of cooking.

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A scan through her Instagram reveals what the fuss was about: Saliha is a pro at plating desi food, re-imagining signature Pakistani dishes in beautiful ways.

Did you know she won Masterchef after serving shami kebab and chanay ki daal? But this is how it looked:

Here are more of her creations:

Her house must be crowded at Bakra Eid!

Pani puri as shots!

Good ol' fashioned palak chicken <3

Some vegetarian goodness:

Reminding us of mother's meetha!

This looks like a good invention

Another fusion that works

Basically gobi ka paratha, but lots prettier than what our khansama serve:

Fritter is pakora, y'all

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Pakistani street food, 5-star restaurant style!

Gol roti for the win!